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                                                                                         3 SYSTEM

                                                                              Original taste preservation is achieved by avoiding
                                                                              cross contamination. This is made possible by dedicating
                                                                              three independent cooling systems that not only

                                                                              provide the right amount of cold air necessary for
                                                                              each compartment, but can also be switched on and
                                                                              off and adjusted interdependently from one another.

                                                                                        CONVERT ZONE

                                                                              Whether it's hosting unannounced visitors, arriving
                                                                              home from a long trip, or spending your weekend at
                                                                              home, your refrigerator settings can be adapted to
                                                                              your daily needs.
                                                                              Toshiba's Convert Zone technology allows you to
                                                                              alter temperatures from a Deep Freeze mode (-18 C)
                                                                              to a Fridge mode (up to +7 C), depending on your
                                                                              needs and the types of food you are storing.

                                                                                         DUAL INVERTER

                                                                              When it comes to temperature, precision and consistency
                                                                              are key to freshness and longevity.

                                                                              A combination of compressor and fan inverter, the
                                                           Energy saving
                                                                              Dual Inverter technology delivers the highest accuracy

                              COMPRESSOR                                      in temperature. Additionally, the innovation significantly
                                                          Noise reduction
                                                                              reduces energy consumption and noise levels.

                                                                                         PLASMA  PURE

                                                                              Simply put, higher levels of hygiene lead to a healthier
                       Produce ions
                                                                              general environment and less unwanted odors in the
                 Purify        Plasma                                         The Plasma  Pure odor removal system is designed
                                                                              to  produce  ions  and  electrons  that suppress  the
                                                                              growth of bacteria inside your refrigerator.

                                                                                         26 SECTIONS


                                                                              With 26 internal storage compartments, we offer a
             Door rack easy to move                     Independent space
                                                        for special storage
                                                                              true family fridge.
                                                                              The refrigerator's 26 sections allow for more room
                                                                              and  shelves,  containers  and  drawers  for  different

                                                                              types of food and needs. Now each family member
                                                                              has their very own personal refrigerator space!
              Easy to get frozen food                     Convert Zone
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