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                 TASTE PRESERVATION


                 At Toshiba, we understand that life can be busy, that families can
                 be demanding, and that work can be tiring. That you don’t always

                 have time to head down to the market for that one ingredient

                 that your recipe is missing, or interrupt your day simply to get

                 that one item you need.

                 With such daily nuances and details in mind, we have created a

                 range of refrigerators that combine superior craftsmanship with

                 lifestyle-specific features. With the best in class technologies, our

                 selection  of  appliances  allows  you  to  confidently  stock  up  on

                 everything you need, resting assured that each item has the per-
                 fect storage space in your refrigerator to maintain its freshness

                 and preserve its delicious flavor.


                 FRENCH DOOR

                 BOTTOM MOUNT FREEZER

                 TOP MOUNT FREEZER

                 SIDE- BY- SIDE

                 CHEST FREEZER
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