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                                                                              Maintains flavor and texture for food the same as in
                                                                              the zone of the supermarket. Where would you
                                                                              store a ready to serve ice cream so its easier to

                                                                              scoop, how about fresh cut meat or fish? Toshiba
                                                                              has a dedicated compartment to meet this need.
                                                                              Our Delicate Freeze section is a -3 C zone that
                                                                              keeps your food in a chilled state.

                                                                                         AlloyCooling       TM

                                                                              Ensuring an even temperature across refrigerator
                                                                              space can realize better preservation and retention
                                                                              of food character. AlloyCooling  on the back of the
                                                                              refrigerator dissipates heat faster, uniformly cooling
                                                                              the fridge at a faster rate.

                                                                                         TRANSFORMING BOX

                                                                              Convertible  compartment  to  meets  your  specific

                                                                              needs. Difficult to store when you get large frozen
                                                                              pizzas or a large Turkey chicken.
                                                                              Don't worry about Toshiba's transforming box, now
                                                                              you can transform one of the compartments as per

                                                                              your need. Easy to slide and reverse the rack.

                                                                                         DOUBLE HUMIDITY

                                                                                         CONTROL CRISPERS

                                                                              Preserve your fruits and vegetables for a longer period. Es-
                                                                              sentially veggies require high humidity and fruits on
                                                                              the other hand require low humidity. Paying attention
                                                                              to the right amount of humidity will help you to keep

                                                                              your food not only fresh but for the longest possible
                                                                              time. With Toshiba's humidity control, you can adjust
                                                                              the humidity levels based on the type of food.

                                                                                         2 CYCLE

                                                                              Preserves original taste without cross-contamination.
                           Keep Fresh
                                                                              Original taste preservation is achieved by avoiding
                        3        8
                                                                              cross-contamination & cross odor. This is made possible
                                                                              by dedicating 2 independent air circulation systems
                                                                              that ensure the right temperature across the refrigerator.
                          Keep Nutrition
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