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             Humidity Crisper

                                                                              HUMIDITY CONTROL CRISPER

                                                                              You can adjust the humidity level in the crisper com-

                                           LOW      MED      HIGH             partment to store certain types of food at different
                                                                              temperatures; lower levels for winter fruits like apples
                                                                              and pears or higher levels for leafy vegetables and
             Temp. Adjustable Chiller
                                                                              greens such as broccoli.

                                                                              TEMP. ADJUSTABLE CHILLER
                                                                              With an adjustable temperature ranging from -2 C to
                                                                              3 C, the Temp. Adjustable Chiller technology is ideal-
                                           -2 C      0 C      3 C
                                                                              ly conditioned to store soft -serve ice cream or fresh
                                                                              meats and seafood that you don't want to freeze yet.
             Dual Radar Sensors
                                                                              DUAL RADAR SENSORS
                                                                              Controlling  temperature  fluctuations  is  particularly
                                                                              necessary when you place warm foods in the refriger-
                                                                              ator. The Dual Radar Sensors send a signal to the
                                                                              Dual Inverter Motor to ensure temperature stability
                                                                              when an unusual temperature difference is detected.

                                        TOP COOLING                                    1+3 CONVERTIBLE MODES

                                                                              In addition to standard Refrigerator or Freezer modes,
                                          BOTTOM COOLING
                                                                              you can now organize your food based on your con-

                                                                              sumption patterns in three other convertible modes:
                                                 BOTTOM FREEZING             1. Top Cooling + Bottom Freezer

                                                          WHOLE COOLING      2. Whole Cooling
                                                                             3. Top Off + Bottom Cooling
                                                                             4. Top Off + Bottom Freezer

                                                                                       3 CYCLE | DUAL COOLING

                                                                              Keeping your food fresh and preserving its flavor is
                                                                              ensured through the use of two independent cooling

                                                                              systems and three separate air circulation cycles. This
                                                                              innovation allows the fridge to maintain moisture
                                                                              levels and temperature stability. It helps to achieve a
                                                                              fast and efficient cooling performance.

                                                                                       AlloyCooling        ™

                                                                              Ensuring an even temperature across the refrigerator
                                                                              space can result in better food preservation and a
                                                                              retention of character and flavors.

                                                                              The AlloyCooling  technology on the back of the
                                                                              refrigerator dissipates heat quickly, cooling the fridge
                                                                              at a faster rate and in a uniform manner.
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